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Lagarias, Napell & Dillon, LLP maintains a specialized law practice representing franchisees and franchisee associations throughout California and beyond. The firm is led by Peter Lagarias, Esq., a nationally recognized expert on franchise and distribution law and a trial lawyer with over thirty five years of experience. He is a Certified Specialist in Franchise and Distribution Law by the State Bar of California Office of Legal Specialization.

The firm handles disputes and problems of franchisees with their franchisors. If you have issues with your franchisor, please review our website and consider a free consultation with Lagarias, Napell & Dillon, LLP. The website contains general information about franchise laws and cases. After reviewing these materials, please contact us promptly before taking action.

The firm’s founder Peter Lagarias has personally handled hundreds of franchisee cases including fraud and statutory claims, unfair trade practices by franchisors, breach of contract claims, encroachment, pricing, termination, renewal and other claims. More detailed explanations of the firm’s representation of franchisees are found below as Firm Practice Areas. Mr. Lagarias has also handled many franchise disputes for franchisees through trials and arbitrations. Several cases personally handled by Mr. Lagarias have resulted in important appellate decisions for franchisees. Some of these appellate decisions are found on our website as Firm Cases. In addition a list of representative franchise systems in which Mr. Lagarias has represented franchisees is contained below as Our Firm’s Franchisee Clients.

The firm also reviews franchise disclosure documents and franchise agreements for individual prospective franchisees as well as for franchisee associations and groups. Please review the information on our website before seeking legal counsel to review your franchise disclosure document and appended franchise agreement.

Lagarias, Napell & Dillon, LLP also represents franchisee associations and groups of franchisees including in negotiations over franchise agreements and terms. Mr. Lagarias has reviewed hundreds of franchise agreements for franchisee clients. He advises and counsels franchisee groups and associations on franchise agreements and relationships with their franchisors. In addition, he has written extensive articles on franchise agreements. Mr. Lagarias has also drafted and testified for franchise legislation and regulation both at the federal and state level in California. Additional information on franchise legislation is provided on our website under the Franchise Legislation link located at the top of each page.

Lagarias, Napell & Dillon, LLP also handles business matters for franchisees, including review of franchise disclosure documents and offers. We advise and create business entities for franchisee clients and provide business counseling on leases and other commercial matters.

To consult with an experienced franchise attorney, with no fee for the initial consultation, please call or e-mail Lagarias, Napell & Dillon, LLP today, by completing the e-mail link or calling (415) 460-0100 ext. 111.

Lagarias, Napell & Dillon, LLP and predecessor law firms led by Peter C. Lagarias have engaged in private law practice since 1982. In 1996, the practice moved from the financial district in San Francisco, California to the historic Mission City of San Rafael, California, just north across the Golden Gate Bridge. In 2015, Bruce J. Napell merged his private law practice into Lagarias, Napell & Dillon, LLP. The firm continues to represent franchisees and distributors in their legal issues and disputes. Further profiles of Mr. Lagarias and Mr. Napell, a representative list of past franchisee and distributor clients, and a description of the firm’s historic offices, are linked below.

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